Treatment for the clenching or grinding of the teeth

A large percentage of the population suffers from bruxism and often the patients do not realise it. Bruxism is the clenching of the teeth without realising it. The most common causes are anger, tension, stress or dissapointment, sleep disorders, missing or crooked teeth or accidents. It is usually detected during the night.
Don't make your teeth the recipient of your stress!

By wearing an occlusal splint you help in the

1. potential reduction of snoring
2. cessation of teeth abrasion
3. improvement of breathing
4. relief from neck and shoulder pain
5. reduction of headaches
6. reduction of the discomfort during sleep
7. reduction of the stress on the joints of the jaw
8. protection of your natural teeth and any other dental work from damage caused by teeth grinding
9. the reduction of abrasion, fractures and excessive wearing of the teeth
Common symptoms include: 

1. Pain, tension or intense tightness of the jaws after waking up
2. Headache of earache, especially after waking
3. Tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure or sweets
4. Your partner might complain that you make noises while sleeping
5. Whan you open and close your mouth you hear an intense clicking sound
6. You notice wearing, chipping or fractures on your teeth
7. People that clench or grind their teeth, during the night, usually like to bite on pencils, chew on the inside of their cheek or bite their nails.